We offer

  • Translation from and to Czech and foreign languages
  • Translation from a foreign language to a foreign language
  • Rush and express translations
  • Court certified translations
  • Large scale projects

Price list

The following prices are for general non-specialised texts. Minimum number of pages for billing is 0.5 SP.
Prices are displayed without VAT / incl. VAT.

Translation of common languages I

English, French, Italian, Hungarian, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian

Translation of 1 SP from a foreign language into Czech

380 CZK /
459.80 CZK

Translation of 1 SP from Czech into a foreign language398 CZK /
481.60 CZK

Translation of common languages II

French, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish 

Translation of 1 SP from a foreign language into Czech

380 CZK / 
459.80 CZK

Translation of 1 SP from Czech into a foreign language 438 CZK / 
530 CZK

Slovak translation

Translation of 1 SP from Czech into Slovak350 CZK / 323.50 CZK
Translation of 1 SP from Slovak into Czech270 CZK / 326.70 CZK

Translation of less common languages

Albanian, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Moldovan, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian.

Translation of 1 SP from a foreign language into Czechfrom 420 CZK /
508.20 CZK
Translation of 1 SP from Czech into a foreign languagefrom 450 CZK /
544.50 CZK

Translation of oriental languages

Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Persian, Turkish

Translation of 1 SP from a foreign language into Czechfrom 960 CZK /
1,161.60 CZK
Translation of 1 SP from Czech into foreign languagefrom 1,050 CZK / 1,270.50 CZK

Translation from a foreign language into a foreign language

Combination of two foreign languages640 CZK / 774.40 CZK

Less common languages will considered on a case by case basis.

Extra fees for court certification

Per document according the actual number of pages250 CZK /
302.50 CZK
Per SP of translated text250 CZK /
302.50 CZK

Video and audio translation

Per SP of translated text730 CZK / 883.30 CZK

Extra fees

Rush translation: 6–10 SP in a 12 hour period0-30 %
Express translation: 10 pages and over in a 12 hour period50-100 %
Highly specialised text20-50 %
Random excerpts of text, tables, titles and headers30 %
Importing pictures in PDF format into a MS Word file   

           40 %

Large scale projects

Large scale projects are always coordinated by a single person, who is in constant communication with the client throughout the whole project. We have a standardised approach to handling large scale projects. By taking into account the size of the project and the time available we always ensure the best possible service is provided to our clients.

Definition of a Standard Page (SP)

Translations are billed per standard page of target text i.e. per 1,800 strokes (characters including spaces).

Court certified translations

Court certified translations are delivered within 3 days and in some cases even sooner. The court certified translation is affixed to the original, so if you wish to keep the original (e.g. if it is a certificate, diploma, birth certificate, driver’s license) then it is necessary to provide us with a notarised copy, which can then be attached to the translation. We can also arrange for notarised copies.
The translation is stapled to the original and furnished with a translator’s testimony and stamp. The translator’s testimony is written in the target language of the translation.


  • If you become a regular customer, and your texts tend to repeat, we won’t charge you for the repeated text - only the new text - as long as you have highlighted it in some way.
  • If you become a regular customer and submit more than 70 standard pages for translation a month, we'll give you a volume discount of 5%.

Quality guarantee

  • every translator who works for our agency must take an ability test
  • translations into foreign languages are done or corrected by native speakers of the target language
  • texts for a particular customer are always translated by the same translators, thus ensuring continuity of terminology and unity of style
  • where time, content and language of the translation allow, we perform a final review of the translated material in our office

Translations are archived in electronic form for one year.

* A foreign language is considered to be any language which is not Czech