We provide

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Conference interpreting
  • Conference planning incl. equipment

Price list

Prices are displayed without VAT / incl. VAT.

Consecutive interpreting

1 day10.000 CZK /12.100 CZK
1/2 day5.000 CZK / 6.050 CZK

Conference interpreting

1 day12.000 CZK / 14.520 CZK
1/2 day6.000 CZK / 7.260 CZK
1 day = 4-8 hours
1/2 day = 1-4 hours

Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting for business negotiations and meetings. The speaker always pauses after one or a few sentences to give the interpreter time to interpret what has been said.

Conference interpreting

Booth interpreting is used for conferences and films. The speaker talks uninterruptedly into a microphone and the interpreter simultaneously interprets this into a microphone installed in a special booth. Participants who wish to listen to the interpreted version of the speech can do so using headphones. It is necessary to receive reference documents (texts of the speeches, slides, presentations, etc.) from our clients prior to the event in order to prepare for booth interpreting.

Conference planning

If you’re planning a multi-lingual conference, contact us and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Once you have chosen and booked the meeting room or lecture hall we can provide all the necessary equipment for all your interpreting needs: microphones for the speakers, wiring the hall for sound, interpreting booth(s), headphones for listeners, and microphones for the listeners if audience participation is planned.

Quality guarantee

  • We only work with experienced interpreters.
  • In cooperation with our clients we try to ensure the optimal conditions for our interpreters so that they can work to their best ability.