about us

Company founded: 1994

Partners:Mgr. Stanislav Kostiha
 Naděžda Patočková
 Mgr. Alice Rahmanová

(Language graduates of the Charles University Philosophy Faculty)

From the very start of the agencies operation we have kept to the following principles:

  1. We only offer the highest quality service for translations and other language work
  2. In the interest of preserving this quality we offer our services at reasonable prices, but not necessarily the lowest ones
  3. We always endeavour to accommodate all of our clients‘ needs
  4. We treat our translators in a professional and fair manner

As a company we are not only interested in commercial gains, which is why we make regular donations to charitable organisations.

Alipas has adopted two children in India

Sudhir Sanjeeva
Suddhir Sanjeeva

Vasanti Naik
Vasanti Naik